Hands-on LUE short course


Building scalable spatial simulation models the easy way

We are organizing a short introductory course about using LUE to develop scalable numerical spatial simulation models. At June 29, between 14:00-17:00 we will explain everything you need to get started with using LUE yourself. We will cover at least the following topics:

  • An overview of how LUE works internally, without the details.

  • Installing LUE. Bring your own device!

  • Develop a simple model using the LUE Python binding. Verify that all the CPU cores are being used.

  • Q&A. Ask us anything.

  • Drinks.

The course will be held at our institute at the Utrecht Science Park, the Netherlands, but it will be possible for people to join online as well. Participation is free of charge.

In case you are interested in participating in this course, then please let us know (lue@computationalgeography.org), with answers to the following questions:

  • Do you prefer to join us on-site or online?

  • Any suggestions for the course? For example: topics we should not forget to cover, or a case you are particularly interested in.

We would be grateful if you could extend this invitation to any of your colleagues who might be interested in learning about LUE.