First hands-on LUE short course given


At June 29 we organized the first hands-on LUE short course. In about three hours the course participants learned everything that is needed to get started with using LUE to build scalable simulation models.

In turn, the following topics where handled:

  • Introduction of the LUE modelling framework

  • How to execute LUE models

  • The hydrological case-study model

  • Measuring performance and scalability

  • The factors influencing performance and scalability

  • Calculating the scalability of the case-study model

  • Relation LUE vs PCRaster, and upcoming developments

The group of course participants consisted of people working at both research institutes and private companies. Some of them where in the room with us and some where joining online.

We think the course was a success. Everybody learnt a lot, including us.

We will be organizing more LUE courses over time. If you are interested in joining us, then do let us know (, and we will notify you once we picked a date.